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“As a fellow member of the Richmond Hill Public Library Board, I have witnessed firsthand Sadra’s ability to make well-informed and sometimes tough decisions that, while not always popular, are undoubtedly the right choices for our community.


Sadra regularly attends and supports local events, demonstrating his deep commitment to understanding and addressing community needs. This level of engagement is crucial for effective representation. Unlike other candidates, Sadra’s consistent presence shows his genuine dedication to our Community.


If you want a Trustee who puts your interests first, Sadra Nasseri is the clear choice.”

Scott Thompson

Ward 2 Councillor - City of Richmond Hill


“Sadra has strong commitment to education, community well-being, and extensive knowledge of local school issues. His reputation for approachability, collaboration, and ensuring all voices are heard showcases his inclusive leadership style. With an innovative mindset and dedication to creating a supportive learning environment, Sadra stands out as an ideal candidate who would undoubtedly bring value to the York Region District School Board.”

Rose A. Weinberg

Ward 4 Resident


“I believe that Sadra is the best candidate to ensure that the Oak Ridges High School is open on schedule for my children. He is focused on the real issues that matter to parents. I have seen Sadra contribute to our Public Library Board effectively and I know he will do the same on the School Board”

Jyoti Oberoi

Retired YRDSB Teacher and 2022 Trustee Candidate


“I proudly endorse Sadra Nasseri for YRDSB Trustee for Richmond Hill Wards 1, 2, and 4. His commitment to the community, wealth of experience, and unwavering dedication to educational excellence establish him as the perfect choice for this important role. Let's join together in supporting Sadra as he works towards creating a better tomorrow for our children and the community at large.”

Jason Cherniak
Past Chair - Richmond Hill Board of Trade
Ward 1 Resident and YRDSB Parent

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