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Current Situation:

  • Oak Ridges, a growing community, lacks a high school despite having multiple elementary schools.

  • Students from Oak Ridges must travel to other municipalities like King City, Aurora, or south of Richmond Hill for high school education.

  • In December 2021, the Ontario government allocated $24.5 million for the construction of a new high school in Oak Ridges at the site of Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning.

  • Despite the funding, there has been no progress on the construction of the new high school almost three years later.

Advocate for the Development of the planned Oak Ridges High School:


  • Advocate for the development of the planned Oak Ridges High School without delay.

  • This commitment underscores the urgent need to address the educational gap in Oak Ridges by establishing a local high school.

  • By advocating for the new high school, the promise aims to ensure that students in Oak Ridges have access to quality education within their community.

  • The commitment is a determination to prioritise the completion of the high school project and fulfil the provincial government's investment.

Commitment if Elected:


Quality Education Advocacy:

Opposition to Admission Lotteries:

  • Take a stand against admission lotteries for specialized programs to ensure fair access to quality education without relying on chance-based selection processes.

Equity and Inclusion Focus:

  • Advocate for equity and inclusion in education to guarantee that all students, irrespective of their backgrounds, have equal opportunities to access quality education and resources.


Educational Program Enhancements:

Promotion of Civic Education:

  • Advocate for the expansion of programs that focus on Civic Education to instil  civic responsibility, community engagement, and democratic values in students.

Course Diversity in High Schools:

  • Ensure high schools offer a wide range of course options to cater to diverse student interests and learning needs, promoting a well-rounded educational experience.

Enhancement of Indigenous and International Languages Program:

  • Expand the YRDSB's Indigenous and International Languages Program to provide students with opportunities to learn and appreciate diverse languages and cultures, fostering inclusivity and global awareness.


Student Health and Wellbeing initiatives:

Vape Detector Pilot Project:

  • Advocate for the creation of a pilot project to install vape detectors in high schools to combat students vaping and promote a smoke-free environment.

Enhanced Mental Health Support:

  • Allocate resources to invest in more mental health support services for students to address their emotional well-being and provide necessary assistance.

Increase Physical Fitness Programs:

  • Collaborate with local sports organizations to offer a variety of programs to students across YRDSB with the aim of promoting physical literacy, encouraging an active lifestyle, and fostering overall physical health.


Better Education Experience:

School Boundary Review:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of all school boundaries to prevent schools from being overcrowded and ensure that distances are reasonable for student’s convenience.

Class Size Reduction:

  • Advocate for initiatives aimed at reducing class sizes across all schools to enhance teacher-student interaction and improve the overall learning environment.

Installation of Air Conditioning and HEPA Filters:

  • Push for the installation of air conditioning units and HEPA filters in all classrooms to ensure comfortable and healthy learning environments for students and teachers alike.


Fiscal Responsibility:

Balanced Budget Approach:

  • Strive to balance the YRDSB budget with minimal cuts to essential services,ensuring financial sustainability while meeting educational needs.

 Property Tax Consideration:

  • Prevent unnecessary property tax increases and explore options to alleviate the property tax burden on residents, aiming for financial relief and stability.

Efficient Resource Allocation:

  •  Ensure prudent spending of tax dollars, directing funds to critical areas such as cybersecurity infrastructure to safeguard against potential cyber threats and protect sensitive data.

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